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We're ending

We're here to shake things up and help companies deploy their marketing is a way that was never done before. The marketing plan as a company-wide priority, and where everyone can participate in marketing work.


Year founded. We're the new kid on the block.


Our goal is to power 1 million marketing plans by the end of 2025.

Our working principles

Anyone can be a marketer
We're on a mission to shake things up and change how marketing is deployed in every company. Marketing is a company-wide priority and anyone can partake in marketing execution.
Data everywhere
Every program, line of copy, asset or initiative creates data. We record, store, analyze and take action on this data to create and execute high-performance marketing.
Break all silos
marketers united! The marketing subject-matter experts are at the heart of a high-performing marketing org. Software that helps them work together, as one unit.
Automate everything!
If it's a marketing process, we'll automate it.
Create software that people love
Software should augment people's creativity and ingenuity. People are working alongside software can be empowered to achieve great things.
Transparency above all
The only way to remove friction and elevate the marketing role, is by making the marketing process transparent and visible to everyone in the company.

Our team

Nelly Rinot
Rami Rinot
Karel Lahmi
Consulting CTO
Guy Soffer
Engineering Lead
Anastasiia Popova
Product Design Lead
kirill Shelipov
Frontend Developer
Liza Isabekova
Product Design
Zakhar Bozhok
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