Brand Center

No more drives and folders. ALL your brand assets are in the cloud and available anytime.

Tell a consistent brand story

marketer's Brand Center is a source of inspiration and simplifies everyone’s jobs by making it easier and faster to collaborate and take charge of brand assets.
Brand Library

All your assets in one place

Upload new assets and create collections that make it easy for everyone to find what they need. Guidelines keep everyone informed of the most updated do's and don'ts.
Company and Employer Messaging Platforms

Unlimited messaging platforms for every project or experiment

Create multiple brand messaging platforms to suit your needs or experiment with new messaging and positioning projects. Messaging platforms can be attached to programs, marketing plans, and other marketing building blocks like stories as your team gets to work.
A system of brand assets records

Leadership photos and bios

Store and publish leadership photos and bios and always have them up to date for your next event, press release, or publication submissions.
Record and track your company's history

milestones and timelines

Track company timeline and milestones as they happen
Brand proud

Awards and achievement

Keep a repository of awards and achievements, and use them later on in stories to create a press release or update a web page.
Employer brand elements

milestones and timelines

marketer helps keep valuable information like company values, employer messaging, employer awards, or teams and departments recruiting descriptions available and up to date, so your next people-related program will be easier and faster to execute
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