Reach clear decisions, right where work happens. marketer's Strategy hosts your objectives, goals and metrics.

Adapt, align and focus teams on objectives & key results

marketer's objectives and goals module allows your team to create numerous goals models at the company, marketing department or team level. Then, assign desired expected results and connect your programs to the relevant objectives to track your performance in real-time.
Unlimited goal

Create goals for every level

Goals are one of marketer's building-blocks. Create unlimited Goals blocks for any view level you desire: Company, Department, Subject-matter team, region, or strategic initiative.
Built-in SMART

Set smart objectives and key results the first time and every time

Align objectives vertically and laterally across functional teams, squads and dynamic teams, or even individuals. Team members can collaborate and own key results for shared accountability.
100% visibility

Track progress in real-time

Once objectives and key results are attached to programs and objectives, you can track your progress against set goals in real-time. Maintain full visibility and transparency across the company and fross-functional teams.
Get up and running in minutes

The future of marketing management starts here

Skill-up your people, scale-up your process, and speed-up time to execution