Product Marketing

Make smart go-to-market decisions, align your team, and tell a compelling product story.

Centralize all product and market data

Product marketers and product managers can use marketeer to collaborate and work together, eliminating friction or duplicate work. Together with other marketer modules like autonomous programs, the Brand Library, Stories, and strategy, all your product marketing knowledge is managed in one place, updated in real-time, and available to anyone who needs it.
Product marketing

The ultimate product marketing workspace

Manage your portfolio in one place. View and manage all product data across your company, and unlock insights to tell a compelling product story to the world.
All product data in one place

Product Features

Ditch the spreadsheets and slide decks. Create feature by feature descriptions, differentiators, messaging and ratings; then use them in marketing programs, sales enablement materials or competitive analysis.
Unite brand messaging with product strategy

Product Messaging Platforms

The messaging platform is one of marketer's superpowers. Create product specific messaging platforms and share them with other marketers or sales colleagues. Don't wait for your next training session. Updates are disseminated in real-time across the company so everyone's instantly up to date.
All product data in one place


Create your products catalog and manage all the information about your products in one place. Create feature overviews, messaging platforms, or share product specific assets like demos, tutorials or collateral.

Competitive Analysis

Staying on top of your competitors is critical to business success. marketeer includes two competitive analysis models and three competitive map models you can use in your next business review.
Competitive overviews by competitor
Marketing strength analysis by competitor
product strength analysis by competiotr
Market map by competitor type
Feature by feature comparison
Win-loss analysis
Understand your users’ needs, experiences, behaviors and goals


Create new personas or experiment with new ones in minutes, then share them with everyone in your company.
Market analysis


Marketeer is perfect to keep all your segments or competitive evaluations and analysis always up to date and in one shared location. Create segment overviews and analyze the total addressable market in seconds.
Get up and running in minutes

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