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It all started with the data. 
When I was a practicing CMO, I was more concerned about the data than anything else. It was my job security, my team’s performance bonuses, and why I could justify my marketing vision and strategy to my colleagues in the C suite and CEO.

But data is often sparse, inaccessible, and often unobtainable.It’s not that the data doesn’t exist. It just doesn’t exist in the way my team and I needed to present it.

CMOS, like me, need quick answers to simple questions. What’s my cpMQL TODAY? How much revenue did my team bring or influence? How am I doing on budget? Which person on my team contributes most to marketing-influenced revenue? How many programs are in play right now? What piece of content generates the most traffic? I had many questions but no easy way to answer them. 

Showing the journey from strategy to models to planning to creation to execution is often a hard task we dump on data analysts, expecting them to come up with wonderful charts that will show all the connections and stats. They spend days and weeks setting up software, exporting raw data, merging and cleaning, and finally presenting our data in a way that will show our results. But never in real-time.

We rely on data analysts and their hard work because marketing engagement data lives in way too many disconnected tools, while marketing execution data - marketing-work data - lives in spreadsheets, boards, and slides. Making them all work together is impossible. No matter how many connectors we employ, we will never be able to make sense of it all because the data doesn’t live in one place, and most of it doesn’t even “speak marketing.”

If I wanted data, I needed a single platform to host it all. I needed to create an all-encompassing marketing execution platform connected to engagement data and where my team could do their work. The solution is simple. All marketing work in one place.

marketer was born.

Re-inventing the marketing plan
Rather than creating yet another task management tool that manages only parts of the marketing work equation, marketer is reinventing the marketing plan and building a unified marketing execution workspace powered by intelligent automations that streamline and automate all marketing processes. 

But we’re doing much more than that. Introducing - Activation. As marketers, we were frustrated by the increasing complexity and urgency of marketing work and the tensions it creates with marketing’s business partners like Product, Sales, CX, People, and Finance. So, we made marketer an open workspace where business partners can participate in the marketing planning and execution process and activate the marketing team as an expert resource. In essence, marketer is the software where everyone’s a marketer.

Helping CMOs build a powerhouse
The CMO is the connective tissue of the C-suite. She is expected to stay one step ahead of the rapidly changing digital technology landscape, competitive dynamics, and shifting customer expectations; while firmly managing the brand platform, running pipeline generation operations, and launching new products and services to market. Our goal is to make the CMOs job easier.

We envision a world where the company’s strategy, creativity, and activities are seamlessly connected and correctly deployed through smart automations to drive growth. marketer organizes all marketing around a hyper-agile - adapted to the modern work era fast-paced nature - methodology and built-in building blocks. 

We give companies what they need to be great at marketing – and the data is already inside.
Nelly Rinot, Founder