Marketing Plans &
Autonomous Programs

Funnel and pipeline modeling without the spreadsheets

Much more work,
in much less fuss

Replace silos with a single source of marketing truth to align cross-functional teams, track progress, and deliver high-performing results.
Unlimited Marketing Plans

Choose from 5 marketing plan types that fit your need

Create as many marketing plans and initiatives as you'd like. They're all connected to your fiscal year plan so that you could have a view of your entire marketing cycle, always and in real-time.

Choose from five marketing plan models to design your initiatives, share your strategy and messaging in one location, and attach budgets and demand generation models to each plan. You can then associate programs with a plan or initiative from the marketing calendar or plan, or pick one of marketeer's marketing in-a-box program packages.
Yearly by Q
Sales Funnel
Yearly by month
Quarterly Plan
Autonomous Programs

Any program you can think of is pre-built and powered by intelligent automations

marketer's secret sauce are the intelligent workflows that power the marketing building blocks and built-in programs.

Choose from 100+ pre-defined programs, from webinars to competitive switches, through industry events and awareness building campaigns.

Drag and drop pre-built marketing programs into calendars or plans, and quickly assign actions and tasks to team members. For example:
Dynamic Calendars

View your programs and initiatives on dynamic calendars.

With marketeer's dynamic calendars, every role can view and edit their function's calendars or access the company-wide marketing plan and programs.

Always visible and always up to date.
Goals and metrics

Expected results and metrics

Record and measure you plan's progress over time. Every plan includes expected results and desired metrics. Once programs are attached to the plan, you can see progress in realtime as your team executes it.
Everything you need to be strategic

Strategy and Messaging Platform

Outline your strategy, expected results, messaging, main initiatives and programs from a single place. You plan is now up-to-date and visible to anyone. Measure progress and track your results in real-time.
Get up and running in minutes

The future of marketing management starts here

Skill-up your people, scale-up your process, and speed-up time to execution